How safe is your car

Safety Testing Explained.

ANCAP safety ratings are determined based on a series of internationally recognised, independent crash tests and safety assessments – involving a range of destructive physical crash tests, an assessment of on-board safety features and equipment, and performance testing of active collision avoidance technologies.

From January 2018, all vehicles rated by ANCAP

are evaluated against four key areas of assessment:

Not all cars are build to the same standard. When you drive a car that has only a 1-star safety ratings, you are four times as likely to get seriously injured or even killed in the same type of crash.

Understanding Safety Features.

Vehicle safety features have come a long way over the years. Features such as crumple zones, seat belts and airbags all provide protection of you have a crash, however active safety assist technologies which can prevent a crash from occurring are now a significant point of differentiation.

Used car safety ratings - Rightcar.

Used Car Safety Ratings are calculated from a statistical analysis of police crash reports; specifically crashes that have happened over the last 25 years in New Zealand and in five states of Australia. There are currently about 7 million crashes in this database.