Road Code Quiz December 2019

Weekly Winners - Congratulations!

Lisa Chiles from Timaru - Week 1

Stuart Bennett from Timaru - Week 2

Hayley Clark from Timaru - Week 3

Jeff Duffell from Timaru - Week 4

Bonus draws January 2020...

Fleur Chappel

Dave Hay


 1      When passing a horse and rider, what should you do? Slowdown

 2     The best way to merge is like a Zip    - where a vehicle from the left lane goes and then a vehicle from the right lane goes, and so on.

3      If you are being passed by another vehicle, move as far to the left of the road as possible.

4     When driving at night, which vehicle lights should you turn on? headlights

5      If your car was first registered before 1 January 2000, when must you renew its warrant of fitness? Every six months.

6     What is the maximum legal speed limit for a car towing a trailer on the open road? 90 km/h.

7      What is the maximum speed you may drive If you have a 'space saver wheel' fitted? 80 km/h

8     What should you do if you are driving and become sleepy? Pull over

9      When you experience a wheel skid (front or rear wheels). What should you NOT do? Brake

10   A vehicle should not send out visible smoke for more than: ten seconds.