Inappropriate speeds - waging war on NZ roads

The shocking part of this article was the comments made by many people on how police should stop focussing on speed because speeding according to those “experts” was not the issue. There were dozens of readers liking this and liking other similar comments.

This to me confirms a serious concern that many people are not getting it. They are not getting the fact that crash speed is the determining factors of whether a vehicle occupant is going to walk away from a crash or go by ambulance or hearse.

I went over the crash data many, many times to see if I missed something. This confirmed that in most cases drivers were going too fast into bends, then lost control and ended up cashing into a ditch, tree, pole, overturned, etc. Some drivers approach intersections excessively fast, and then slam on the brakes at the last moment. Not good driving at all!

Here is a solution to have many more relaxed trips, whether it is for work or pleasure. Add an extra thirty to sixty minutes to your planned trip. Accept the reality that it is highly unlikely that you will be able to drive at hundred kilometres per hour on any road, even on the highways. There are just too many trucks and slower moving farming equipment on our roads. I have made this mind shift, and can say with all honesty, it made my travel much more pleasant.

This is a good time to reflect on the great work the emergency services, hospital and support staff, roading contactors do for us. They all need a well-deserved break and could really do without additional workload. Just like us, they would like to spend time with family and friends.

You can help by taking extra care on the road.

Safer Journeys!

Daniel Naudé