Life is not a race

I went down Gleniti Road in the 80km/h zone, and then got to the derestriction signs before turning right onto Hadlow Road. Just after I had turned right, I saw a man walking his dogs. He was correctly facing traffic. We gave each other a wave, and then I gradually sped up from doing about twenty at the time I was going past them.

A bit further was a narrow stone bridge. A car approached from the opposite direction, so we both slowed down, and then passed each other carefully. The road is a bit windy so I chose to keep it slow, about sixty or seventy. Not long after I saw another walker on the right hand lane, walking in the opposite direction. Not ideal, I thought, but the road carried hardly any traffic at the time, so maybe not a big issue at that time.

The lanes are not particularly wide, definitely not as wide as the average State Highway. As I passed Brockley Road, it became apparent that there are now more lifestyle properties, which means you should expect more people on the road. Rightly so, because during my drive, I encountered five walkers, some with dogs, others by themselves. The common purpose was probably to enjoy the clean fresh air.

On my way back, I came past a few shady spots across the road, and I thought black ice spot in winter! Other things I looked at were poles, letterboxes on sizable poles, trees, ditches, embankments, windy section, which would cause serious injury or death if someone should crash into it at speeds around a ninety kilometres per hour.

We are working on setting speed limits that is fitting for the road environment. This is part of a nationwide speed management review, which will include public consultation.

Hadlow Road is not unique in this sense. Most roads on our rural network have similar roadside hazards.  Going slower will increase your chances to avoid catastrophic consequences. A life is more important than the self-created busy schedules we have.

There is a saying “Life is not a race – you don’t want to finish first.”

Safer Journeys!

Daniel Naudé

Road Safety Coordinator