Passing your driving test at first attempt

Is passing your driver test on the first attempt possible?

The purpose of a driving test is to assess the competency of a road user against a standard to check they are safe to be on the road and that they make the correct decisions.

The first step is to get a copy of the “Road code”!!

The reality is that like all things worth having, it’s worth doing right. Unless they put in some effort, they are not going to be successful in the process. Gaining a driver licence is about ensuring your child is safe on our roads and they can drive to the standards to make safe decisions.

Testing Officers are professional people who are trained and certified to observe the driving skills and behaviours you display and record them according to pre-set standard. Three main areas that all new drivers can work on, are observation, speed control and positioning on the road.


“Many applicants go through the motions, like when looking in the mirrors or checking their blind spots, but fail to actually comprehend what they are doing. It is not about moving the head, but about taking in what they see”, says one of the local Testing Officers.

Speed control

Speed control is important and is another common mistake during the driving test. The Testing Officer will tell you to drive to the conditions, and obey all the posted speed limits including temporary speed limits. Being aware of these are you proceed around the course and adjusting accordingly prior to the sign shows that you have mastered the skill of managing your speed control.

Position on the road

(before turning and when turning)

When driving it is important to stay in your lane. When making a right-hand turn ensure that you do not cut the corner, this can be very dangerous. As per the road code try to stay as far left as practicable which will keep you safe from oncoming vehicles.

All drivers should know the road code as this is the basic guide for all our road rules and how to apply them. We recommend getting a few lessons with a registered driving instructor and practise, practise and practise! It is a good idea to make sure that you practice the correct ways shown by the instructor. Lastly it is always a good idea to get a couple of lessons before the actual test as this will help to polish your child’s driving performance

If your child was unsuccessful and had to re-sit the restricted test it would cost $86.60. For this amount you can get more than an hour worth of professional instruction, something to ponder.

Robyn Mulder-Willis - Driver Testing Officer VTNZ