Recent road safety survey November 2018

Recent road safety survey

South Canterbury residents participated in a road user survey as part of a Canterbury wide initiative to understand attitudes and experiences of local road users.

There are a few interesting facts that came out of this survey.

Starting with rating of ‘driving ability – self and others’. Fifty two percent of male respondents thought their driving ability were better than average. Forty three percent of female respondents thought they were better than average. That is ok, but here is the interesting part. These same people thought the ability of other drivers are mostly average or even below average. They believed only eight percent of drivers are better than average.

Below is a table that shows what people believed their biggest physical and behavioral risk are.

When people were asked what they thought would help improve road safety, fifty percent said increasing police presence, forty eight percent said increasing education and promotion of road safety and forty one percent said better driver training systems.

Other attitudes to road safety were (higher percentages are better):

People were asked what their experiences with road crashes were.

Putting this information in practical terms. One in five people have had a close friend or relative killed in a crash. One in 2.6 people have had a close friend or relative involved in a serious injury crash. One in 2.4 people have had a near miss (potentially serious or fatal injury crash.)

These odds should concern us all!

This information is not intended to make us freak out, but rather bring us to the point where we acknowledge that being a road user of any kind, is potentially a risky activity. We should treat it with the same respect we do for other life threatening situations, like working with electricity or high-risk equipment.

We can help by doing our best to be a safe road user every trip we take, if is just to go to the supermarket around the corner or taking a long trip.

The other extremely important part is our obligation to look out for when other people make mistakes and be ready to take evasive action to avoid a crash.