Sharing the road with drivers behaving badly

I know what some of you are thinking right now, and NO, it’s not these tourist drivers causing all the problems on the road. In the majority of cases it would be one of our fellow countrymen.

The majority of drivers will be well behaved, courteous, patient and would be driving to the road conditions. They won’t be going too fast and they will take regular breaks. But, there will also be usually good people who will turn into monsters once they hit the road. They become the ones who are impatient, aggressive, and in a hurry to get there first.

How do we deal with this type of driver? Well, luckily we have choices. We could choose to engage with them in their actions or choose to stay out of their way. I would recommend the latter option.

In cases where a driver is impatient, it is best to let him/her get pass by keep as far left as possible and safe. I would even slow down in some cases just to get out of a potentially risky situation. You will feel less stressed during and after the trip.

If a driver behaves dangerously, call #555 from a mobile phone. Take note of the vehicle’s number plate and make, model and colour if you can. Ideally let one of the passengers in your vehicle handle the phone. The #555 number will connect you with the police communications centre that deals with traffic issues.

Another option is to invest in a dash camera (dash cam) or download an app that will turn your smartphone into a dash cam.

The important thing is that as drivers, we have a responsibility to drive as safely as possible. Think about your precious cargo – your family and/or friends – who trust you to get them to their destination safely.

I wish you a happy and blessed holiday.

Safer Journeys!

Daniel Naudé

Road Safety Coordinator