Speed kills a myth or not?

Let us thinks about this comment for a moment”. Yes, it is true that the sudden stop causes death – BUT … If the sudden stop is the determining factor, we all would be dead by now. We do sudden stops in our daily routine. Standing up, sitting down, stepping out of a vehicle, climbing steps, etc. The difference is that we do these actions relatively SLOWLY.

Stepping out of an aircraft while it is stationery on the ground, will not kill you, but stepping out of the same plane when it is in the air, without a parachute will be fatal.

Now let us take it back to roads and vehicles. Here is a puzzle for you to solve.

The same person, driving exactly the same vehicle, same safety features, like airbags, etc., on the same road on the same day, time, same weather conditions, same road and traffic conditions, crashes into the same large tree. In the one case, the driver walks away from the crash uninjured, but is killed in the second case. How can this be?

The speed is the only factor that was different. In the first case, the driver crashed into the tree at a slower speed than in the second case. The issue is not always just excessive speed. Sometimes a situation demands speed that is slower than the speed limit.

Remember that the speed limit is the MAXIMUM speed in PERFECT conditions.

People could argue all they want, it comes down to physics 101 – the faster you go the bigger the mess!

Common sense dictates that you do not put yourselves and other innocent people in danger because you think you are superman or super woman.

Safer Journeys!

Daniel Naudé

Road Safety Coordinator