Spyhole driving

Have you seen any of our local spyhole drivers we occasionally find on the road? They usually appear with other normal drivers on route to work on frosty winter mornings. If you haven’t notice any of them, they are the ones who only clear enough frost off the car window for them to see through with one eye. It is bewildering to consider they actually think it is all good and safe to share the road with other people they may not essentially see.

More than half of all reported crashes have “poor observation” as a contributing factor. Have we lost the ability to look properly? Spyhole drivers may probably see less than 25% of the road and road users around them.

Another common problem about visibility, is the number of drivers who do not turn on their head lights (dipped beam) when other drivers clearly indicate they experience low light conditions by having their lights on.

I know our road rules say headlights must be turned on half an hour after sunset half an hour before sunrise, or any other time as a driver cannot clearly see a person or vehicle a 100 meters away. Remember that road rules are minimum standards.

It is extremely dangerous not to have the lights turned on when everyone else have because your vehicle is basically hidden from other people. It is not about you as the driver who can still see, it is about other people who need to see you.

An example of what the controls for climate inside a car looks like

Here are a couple of handy tips to clear frosty windows quickly.

• Start the engine a few minutes earlier and put the heater on high to blow onto the windows. Use the wipers to remove any water before you drive off.

• Whenever the windows start to fog up, turn the air conditioner on and select the defrost button.

Safe travel.

Daniel Naudé

Road Safety Coordinator