Travelling this summer break?

It had been a tough year for many people and we are all looking forward to this Christmas break. We ALL want people to enjoy this time with family or friends and have great memories about the good times they had.

To reach our goal,  EVERY single person must take responsibility and make sure he or she is not the weakest link.

The tourism industry is expecting a bumper season this summer. Most places have already been fully booked by overseas visitors. This means that there will be heaps of traffic on the road. The best approach is to plan your trip carefully when you are heading away. Even for a relatively short trip to the High country lakes, you need to plan your trip.

Check out the NZTA website about issues on the State highway network will give you information about congestion and expected delays -

Be alert and whenever you feel tired, STOP, rest, then drive on. Share the driving and let your passenger in front help you look out for any potential risky situations that may be present ahead. Things like looking out for approaching vehicles you may not have seen when you are about to pass. You should be looking at least 12 seconds ahead.

Fifty percent of your job as driver is to follow the road rules. The other fifty percent is to compensate for other drivers mistakes and to avoid a crash.

You can help make the roads safer by driving to the conditions, be unimpaired, and be tolerant.

Please do this for the sake of your and other people’s families. Let’s make this the safest holiday ever!

Safer journeys :)