What is your rating?

The three components in road safety are roads, vehicles and road users. Of the three components, we rate roads and vehicles from one to five (one being the worst to five being the best), but we do not rate road users! Which one of these three is the weakest link? Yes, you got it! – it is the road user. In most cases, the road user’s contribution in a crash could be over ninety percent.

Most countries spend billions of dollars every year to build or upgrade roads to high safety ratings. Vehicle manufacturers spend billions on research and manufacturing vehicles to the highest safety standards. We encourage people to buy safer vehicles to minimize potential crashes and subsequent injury.

Yet in the scheme of things, governments and people spend miniscule money on maintaining or “upgrading” road user standards. Many people would be willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for the highest spec vehicle, but are not willing to invest a few hundred dollars on driver training for their children.

There are exceptions of course and I want to thank the people who try their best to stay up to standard and the businesses that have driver-training programs in place.

Let us talk a bit about the possibility of road user ratings. This is obviously work in progress. I am not referring to the occasional mistake, because we all make them. If you are one of the people who think you are perfect, then you have bigger issues to deal with.

I am talking about “experienced” drivers who cannot even get the basics right, like correct signaling, using headlights when we have low light conditions, drive courteously, good speed control, safe vehicle positioning, and so on.

I reckon if you do those things you may be close to a five star rating.

Please let me know what you think.

Safer Journeys!