Why do we drive the way we do?

Do you operate a vehicle on the road in a safe manner because it is the right thing to do or only because you think police maybe around? If it is because of the latter reason, I would be very disappointed.

As members of society we should be inspired by doing what is right and best for everyone and not solely because we might get caught. Regrettably, there are many drivers who are ignorant of the actual risk of their attitudes. People have many different opinions about road safety risks so factual messages get lost in the process.

How can you and I help to make our community safer, and in the process reduce the burden on the police, courts, hospitals, social services, and our families? By being aware of our responsibilities as road users and act accordingly. Yes we may occasionally get it wrong, but the more we try, the less it should happen. Take it trip by trip. As responsible road users we should also be ready to counteract in case another person makes a mistake.

Studies in Norway showed that even if every road user complied with all the road rules all the time, the crash rate would only be halved! Our national road safety strategy acknowledges that people will make mistakes, but put systems in place so that the risk of serious- or fatal injuries are reduced.

The thought that only “bad” drivers crash, is an illusion. In most cases something simple like momentarily inattention starts the chain of tragic events.  

Let us all start by paying attention when we drive and encourage others to do the same.

Safer Journeys!

Daniel Naudé

Road Safety Coordinator