Motorcycle Awareness Month 2023

Great outcome for R4E!

The great news is that riders can reduce that number significantly by completing Ride Forever Courses (R4E). Comparing a statistically robust sample of roughly 3,000 riders against an equal-size, demographically matched control sample, taking at least one Ride Forever course reduced the incidence of having a crash by 27% and the associated claims cost by 45%. In other words, Ride Forever-trained riders crash less often, and the crashes they do have are, on average, less severe.  Ride Forever.

Jacob (Jake) Kennedy will join the event at 11 a.m. for a live broadcast on The Rock FM. He’ll be hosting the quiz and giving out prizes.

Rock is our Religion.
The Rock is the home of great rock music, targeted at men aged 25-44 who enjoy a laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Come enjoy mouthwatering “boerewors” rolls BBQ with onions and tasty sauce prepared on-site by the Afri-Kai team. Other food choices will be available, too. Just what you need on a sunny spring day!

The SHOT mobile coffee – 021 226 4644

The Shot Mobile baristas deliver premium espresso coffees and an extensive menu of other beverages to your workplace.

Come meet your road safety team Daniel 027 438 6285 and Lucy 027 288 2583. 

LOVE to ride? Become a better rider with us. There’s only something to gain by upping your motorcycle skills and learning to be a safer rider. Trevor 022 033 6445

I can help returning and experienced riders to achieve and maintain a safer standard of riding on the NZ roads, anticipating those extra hazards which may not be so apparent from the relative safety of a car. Neville 027 688 3748

Heartland Suzuki (previously Gould Motorcycles) is the authorised dealer for Suzuki and Benelli motorcycles in Timaru, South Canterbury. We can service your Suzuki or any type of motorcycle and carry out WOF inspections. We also carry a wide range of parts and merchandise. Finance available. Jo (03) 688 4802

Timaru Honda excel at providing high quality Honda motorcycles and accessories. We are the leading regional distributor, and we pride ourselves on our support and customer service. Please feel free to contact us! John 03 688 2447

We are South Canterbury’s destination motorcycle store for Road, Dirt and Farm, our showroom is full of the latest Yamaha motorcycles, ATVs, and SXSs. Ricky 03 688 7611

 Timaru Can-Am is South Canterbury’s only local dealership that sells the number one Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft, Can-Am off-road All Terrain Vehicle & Can-Am Side by Side Vehicle. Furthermore, we stock the Cam-Am Spyder on-road line up, the vehicles that has changed the way motorsports enthusiasts see their riding experience, combining performance, comfort and convenience for your needs. Simon 021 533 141 or 03 688 7517

The Ulysses Club of NZ Inc. for older motorcyclists – one of the largest organisations of its kind in New Zealand – is now a familiar part of this country’s riding scene. All of our branches hold regular rides and social get togethers…

Ulysses Club South Canterbury 0274 322 590

Ride Forever is an ACC initiative, aimed at giving riders sound information and access to training, so they can make better choices.