Role of Road Safety Coordinators

Mid & South Canterbury Road Safety (MSCRS) is the name under which the Timaru, Waimate, Mackenzie, and Ashburton District Councils deliver/promote road safety education to the people in this region.

Mid & South Canterbury Road Safety ( MSCRS ) is tasked with promoting road safety and educating the community on safer road use. It is our aim to reduce the amount of incidences of road trauma and crashes throughout Mid & South Canterbury. We work closely with other road safety partners, like Police, engineers, MoT, AA, and ACC to achieve this goal.

This work is carried out by the Mid & South Canterbury Road Safety Coordinators (RSCs) . The primary responsibility of this position is to coordinate the efforts of key road safety organisations and community groups throughout the District. There is no charge for this service.

The role of RSCs has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Coordinators now have an integral role in reducing road trauma in New Zealand and are appointed to coordinate , facilitate and manage local efforts to reduce identified road safety issues in their areas.

Community involvement is an essential component in achieving our road safety targets.

Our Vision

In December 2019 the NZ Government has started a new road safety strategy 2020-2030 called “Road to Zero” with the following vision:
“A New Zealand where no one is killed or seriously injured in road crashes.”

This new strategy is based on seven guiding principals:
01 We promote good choices but plan for mistakes
02 We design for human vulnerability
03 We strengthen all parts of the road transport system
04 We have a shared responsibility for improving road safety
05 Our actions are grounded in evidence and evaluated
06 Our road safety actions support health, wellbeing and liveable places
07 We make safety a critical decision-making priority.

Road to Zero

Road to Zero Strategy


  • Crash trends are measured by numbers per 100,000 population. (Fatalities ÷ population) x 100,000 or fatalities per 100 million kilometers traveled

  • For Mid Canterbury the 2017 death rate was 8.8

  • For South Canterbury the 2017 death rate was 25.17 – more than three times the National level!

  • For serious injuries the national rate for 2017 was 59 per 100,000 population.

  • For South Canterbury it was 85.6.

  • For Mid Canterbury it was 49.9.