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Why have a learner licence?

Whatever your motivation, a learner licence is the first stage on your journey to a full driver licence, and to becoming a safe, confident, skilled driver.

The best way to prepare for the learner licence test is by working your way through Drive’s Road Code.

Drive’s online road code allows you to track your progress and complete chapter tests. These are like mini practice tests and a great way to check you’re on the right track.

By completing chapter tests, you’ll also get free access to official practice tests. If you’re consistently getting every answer correct in the practice test, that’s a good sign you’re ready for the real thing.

Restricted Stage

A restricted licence is the second step of the three-stage process to get a full driver licence.

You must be at least 16 ½ years old before you can apply for your restricted licence and have held your learner licence for at least six months.

You’ll need to pass a practical driving test to show that you can drive safely on New Zealand roads.

The best way to prepare is by learning all the skills you need to pass. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the better.

Road crashes are the second greatest cause of death for 16-24-year-olds, and the leading cause of serious injury for young drivers.

Drive Go is designed to help young drivers learn the skills they need to pass their practical driving tests and to develop the right habits for a lifetime of safe driving.

Download the Drive Go app for free and get access to all the skills you need to know to pass the restricted licence test the first time.

Learn the Road Rules with Drive

Drive is a free website and learning resource created by the New Zealand Transport Agency and ACC. It’s packed full of helpful tools and content that makes learning the road rules, and learning to drive, easy and fun.

Visit drive.govt.nz to sign up for free today.

Learn the Road Code

Visit Drive.govt.nz


  • Explore the NZ Road Code and unlock the offical practice test through Drive.

  • Move from learner to legend with day step by step driving skills.

  • Wherever you are in your licence journey, save your progress, gain points and unlock official practice tests.

  • Explore free lessons and resources to make things less stressful.

  • Everything on Drive was produced with the help of the Transport Agency’s driving experts and driving instructors. So you know it’s accurate and trustworthy.

  • Young drivers often get behind the wheel before they have a good understanding of what makes a great driver. Drive is packed full of helpful tools and content that make learning the road rules, and learning to drive, easy and fun.