Staying Safe with
Your Speed

People make mistakes. While you are driving you have to be prepared to take evasive actions. The lower the speed the more time you have to take action and the less the risk of losing control of your vehicle.

The second aspect is when a crash cannot be avoided; speed determines the seriousness of an injury.

Most common road side hazards

Trees, telephone or electricity poles, ditches, embankments, water canals, rocks, stray animals, road signs, parked vehicles and limited recovery areas.

Speed Cameras

If you drive within the speed limit and adjust your speed to the conditions you won’t have to worry about speed cameras or police officers checking for speeding drivers. Forget about all the schemes to “outsmart” the system and follow your speedo literally. In many cases the speedo may read a bit higher than the actual speed. Use the electronic speed signs in your area to check your speedo. Those signs are very accurate.