Buying a car

Staying Safe when
you buy a car

Whether you’re looking to update your car or buy your first car, look no further!

Safety Rating

You are twice as likely to die or be seriously injured in a crash in a 1-star than in a 5-star vehicle. So, if you’re updating your car or buying your child their first car, we recommend you buy the safest car you can afford, which is especially important when driving on the open road. Remember, the more stars – the safer the car.

See how well you would be protected in a 1-star vs a 5-star car in the safety ratings simulator and new crash test footage.

Safety Features

There are two types of vehicle safety features – those that help you avoid a crash and those that offer you protection in the event of a crash.

Safety features are always improving. While it’s important the vehicle has as many safety features as possible, we encourage you to look for your vehicle’s safety rating when buying. The safety rating assesses the structural integrity of the cabin area, the crumple zone’s ability to absorb crash forces, and the performance of the safety features.

Crumple Zones

Protect occupants by absorbing crash energy and reducing the forces to which you’re exposed. This is because the front and rear sections of a vehicle crumple in a controlled and progressive manner, allowing the occupant compartment to decelerate more slowly. The deceleration means less force passes on to you and injury is less likely.

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