Taking the trend of reported crashes over the last 5 years, here is where we stand at the moment. There were 2132 reported crashes in total, in which 45 people died, 190 got seriously injured, and 756 received minor injuries.

There are some indication that only one in fifteen non injury crashes are reported so we’re looking at numbers close to 16,000! At value of statistical life (VOSL) costs, as at 2006, it means that apart from the emotional effect it had on people in our community, it also cost us over $350 million.

Now were not going to play the “blaming game” today. Just look at what are the main causes are and maybe suggesting some solutions to it. We definitely know now that the drivers are the main cause – vehicle factors were only 6 percent.

Rear End/Obstruction - 28%

Bend - Lost Control/Head On - 26%

Crossing/Turning - 19%

Straight Road Lost Control/Head On - 19%

Overtaking Crashes - 5%

Miscellaneous Crashes - 2%

Pedestrian Crashes - 1%

But what exactly are we doing to get involved in these sort of crashes? In most cases there are not just one cause but a few contributing factors. In order to find solutions to our problem, we have to look at what to address. Here is a breakdown of the main factors that played a role in the crashes in the table above.

Poor Observation - 43%

Poor handling - 26%

Failed Give way/Stop - 21%

Too fast - 20%

Poor judgment - 16%

As you can see, poor observation stands out from the rest. So we are not looking before we act or we are somehow being distracted. Another concern is that it seems many drivers handling skills are not up to standard. Then going down the list a lot of drivers don’t give way or stop at traffic controls like red traffic lights, stop signs or give way signs, and they rush into traffic situations. Lastly it looks like a number of drivers make wrong judgment calls, resulting in an injury crash.

Clearly things cannot continue this way, but what can be done to stop the trend? Well to start off, hopefully those who read this information will see that we have a problem indeed and will inform others as well.